Cinco Ranch HS PTSA

Homecoming 101

Every Katy ISD high school celebrates a Homecoming weekend some time in the fall.

The weekend includes a football game and a school-wide dance. Student Council sponsors the CRHS Homecoming Dance, which takes place in the main CRHS commons

We need parent volunteers to help chaperone the Homecoming dance. This is a fun volunteer opportunity where you get a chance to see the kids have some fun, while helping to keep them safe.

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What are mums?

Mums are a Homecoming Tradition (in Texas).
-Students wear them to school the day of the HC game and to the HC game. Girls wear a single, double or triple silk mum. Boys wear a regular or super garter silk mum. You can purchase customized mums from the CRHS Band. The CRHS Band makes custom “mums” and “garters” as a fundraiser; the “mum moms” take student orders in the main and 9th grade commons during lunches several weeks before the dance. Many area grocers and other businesses also sell mums, and some “crafty”students - or their parents - make their own mums by hand. Students show off their mums by wearing them to school on Homecoming Friday and to the football game. Girls usually wear overalls and pin their mums on the straps because the mums are so heavy! The color of a student’s mum or garter signifies his or her class rank. Freshmen and sophomores wear mums and garters in the CRHS colors of maroon and white; junior mums are predominantly silver; and seniors wear gold colors around their mums.

What are the overalls?

Overalls are a tradition for girls to help hold the heavy mum. Many girls decorate their overalls in Cinco colors and symbols. Overalls offer a special way to show what activities your daughter is involved in during her high school years.
-Girls wear the overalls and mums to school on the day of the Homecoming game and to the HC game that evening.


Be sure to buy your tickets early. They will be on sale the week of Homecoming in the Main Commons and the 9th Grade Commons.
-Ticket prices are $15 each if purchased in advance. At the door the night of the dance, they are $50 each.
-Dates from other high schools are okay.
-All students must have a valid student ID to gain entry to the dance.
-College aged dates will be asked to show ID to gain entry to the dance.

Homecoming King and Queen

The Homecoming King and Queen will be announced during the half-time of the HC game. The Homecoming Court will be presented at that time as well.
DRESS CODE – Semi Formal
For Guys: Sports coat or suit with a tie. No jeans or shorts.
For Girls: No bare midriffs or cutouts. Backs may not be lower than the waist and skirts and slits must be lower than mid-thigh. No ribbon or lacing exposing bare skin on sides or front.

Homecoming Tips

Date or Group? – Students do not have to have a date to go to the dance. Even students who have a date can go with a group and most groups are mixed with some students who have dates and some who do not. It is suggested that parents of those in the group meet to determine dinner plans, transportation and after-party plans. (Be sure to share phone numbers!) Most parents feel more comfortable when they meet their child’s friends’ parents!

DINNER TIPS: Catered Dinner or Restaurant Dinner?
Catered Dinner: Host a catered dinner for your child’s group and have everyone contribute money or have everyone bring a dish for the dinner.
Restaurant Dinner: Make reservations for your child’s friends and/or group and make them early! There will be lots of Homecoming groups out there. If possible, pre-order meals to accommodate the large crowds in the Katy area restaurants that evening. Check with the restaurant that your child’s group wishes to attend and see if they offer a set “Homecoming Menu”.

Photo Tips

Be sure to get some relaxed, casual shots of your child and friends before they go to dinner. It is suggested that parents and kids meet at a scenic location to take pictures. Be sure to share pictures with other parents. There will be professional photographer at the dance for formal portraits. To avoid long lines, it is suggested that they take their formal pictures at the dance as soon as they arrive.

After Party Tips

Not everyone will want to have an after party and that is fine. This year in particular, it will have been a very long day with the game and dance on the same day! However, it your child chooses to host or attend an after party, here are some suggestions: Swimming party, Game party, Times Square – call ahead and make a reservation, Just hanging out with friends and/or watching a movie at someone’s house. Make sure that you have snacks for the after party and MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD’S PARTY IS CHAPERONED BY A PARENT!

Who Pays?

If your child DOES have a date, the guy pays for: Football game tickets, Girl’s mum, Dance Tickets, Corsage and Dinner before the dance. The guy should arrange transportation, make reservations, etc. (unless the girls wishes to take that over!)
If your child DOES have a date, the girl pays for: Guy’s garter, Boutonniere, Formal pictures at the dance for both guy and girl.

The best advice that we can give you for the Homecoming experience is to:
RELAX AND ENJOY THIS WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! They are only in high school for 4 years!